I will install the latest /e/OS/ or LineageOS version on it for a fixed price. I no longer support CyanogenMod since it was forked in December 2016 following Cyanogen Inc. decisions then.

Please read the following very carefully:

  • Flashing your firmware can be reverted but I won’t do it. Replacing the firmware and OS in your phone will most certainly void your warranty. Consider yourself informed.
  • You need to backup your data (photos, contacts, calendars, SD card, etc.) as everything will be wiped (including SD card) as I flash your device.
  • You need to backup your data before showing up at my door – can’t stress this enough! I will not backup your data.
  • A generic 8 page document including information on backups, recovery, etc. is included for your device.
  • This is a pre-paid service. Have the money ready when you arrive or I won’t do the job. You can pay in cash or eInterac (in advance), an invoice will be issued.
  • The 125 CAD$ + taxes price includes 25$ donations to either the /e/OS/ or LineageOS projects. You can donate LineageOS (scroll to the bottom) or donate to /e/OS/ directly, too.
  • You will need to contact me to make your payment in advance and make an appointment.
  • Finally, you need to backup your data (photos, contacts, calendar, SD card) as everything will be wiped (including SD card) as I flash your device

I will only install /e/OS/ or LineageOS on a supported device

You are not paying for my time. You are paying for a service that includes the assurance the job is well done.

Keep in mind I can’t guarantee the outcome. Flashing any other firmware than the original can result in unexpected problems.

I also give out a document summarizing how to manage your device (update, upgrade, backup, recovery of data) and I show you a demo of the functioning device.

If you don’t agree with this, it’s fine – but please do not contact me. Let’s not waste your time (and mine).

I have performed this on the following devices, among several others: Samsung (Galaxy S2 8″, S4 Mini, Galaxy SIII (d2can), Tab S8), Xiaomi Poxo F3, OnePlus (One, 3, 5/5T, 8), HTC (Nexus One, Nexus 7, Magic, Dream, Desire, Panache (myTouch 4g)), Asus Transformer eeePad, Kobo (various models), Nook (Color, Touch), and many more.

To minimize any risk of bricking your device, it must be on this list which means I won’t have to “experiment” with it (NO EXCEPTIONS):


If your device is not in that list unfortunately I won’t be able to help you.

** PICKUP ONLY ** You must leave your device with me and come back to pick it up later. I live in Outremont/Mile End in Montreal, which is a nice place to have a meal or just walk around while waiting for your rooted device :)

Contact me to make an appointment.