GNU/Linux is a free operating system running on the Linux kernel. This is a viable alternative to Microsoft Windows from Microsoft and Mac OS X from Apple. Its name comes from the GNU project, and from the creator of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds.

GNU/Linux is the most widely used system on super-computers and smart phones. On servers, the market is shared with other Unix and Windows systems. It is widely used as an embedded system in electronics: TV, modems, routers, GPS, etc.. It is increasingly popular on its platform of origin, personal computers.

We hold LPIC-1, Ubuntu Certified Instructor and Ubuntu Certified Professional certifications. Our experience in technical support and training with Ubuntu helps us offer complete services to expert and beginner users of the distribution.


It is followed closely by Debian which we use primarily for server and desktop projects that require more stability and personalized support. Ubuntu is a derivative distribution from Debian, so any contribution to Debian eventually benefits its derivatives. It’s an excellent choice for both server and desktop environments.