Individual or group training helps you can go faster in your understanding and mastery of the software you want to use. Examples of recent projects:

  • Bitcoin business workshops and training
  • Using Proxmox (a virtualization platform used as an alternative to VMWare) based on GNU/Linux (Debian) as an environment development
  • “Moving from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice”, custom training for a Montreal-profit
  • “Introduction to WordPress”, custom training part of a website project
  • “Introduction to GNU/Linux (Trisquel) and free open source software” workshops given during the deployment of a computer lab in Haiti

A more detailed list of my past events is available online, it shows different subjects I can talk about.

In general, a time 2h to 4h are needed to prepare each hour of custom workshops, training or presentations.

If the necessary documentation exists within the projects concerned, it can be improved, translated or adapted to your needs. In all cases it is made available under a free license