When evaluating or implementing a software solution (either freely licensed or not), or when looking to validate ideas or approaches based on Free Software (not to be confused with just “Open Source”) and technologies we can help with:

  • Assessment the commercial and community health of a project based on different criteria, including availability of commercial support, the availability / license of source code, the level of activity, etc.
  • Rapid prototyping and implementation of demonstrations by the audience, the context and the desired objectives (migration, validation, case studies, etc.).
  • IT architecture, implementation and support, including systems administration and maintenance on desktop or server environments
  • Quality assurance (QA), bug reporting, and follow-ups for problems in any give project
  • Technical documentation and software internationalization in English, French or Spanish

    If the necessary documentation exists within the projects concerned, it can be improved, translated or adapted to your needs. In all cases it is made available under a Free license.